09 January 2023

Seeded Cracker Toppings

Enjoy our Seeded Crackers on their own, as a dipper for your favourite dip, or piled high with your favourite toppings. Here we share some of our favourite topping suggestions to get you inspired.

Inspired by the Danish crackerbread (knaekbrod), our crunchy gluten-free Seeded Cracker mix is made with wholesome, organic ingredients. It's packed with the goodness of flax, sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, making it a healthy, allergy-friendly alternative to regular crackers.

Seeded Crackers are perfect for snacking, lunchboxes, sharing platters, and anything in between.

Here are some of our favourite topping ideas to get you started:


Tangy relish, cheddar cheese & gherkins
Garlic hummus, sun-dried tomatoes & salty capers
Basil pesto, avocado slices & hemp seeds


Handy tip: any leftover Seeded Cracker crumbs can be used as dukkah to sprinkle over salads, dips and soups.


Halo & Swoon seeded cracker toppings


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