29 June 2021

Why Choosing Organic Is Important To Us

Our baking mixes are made with high quality, organic ingredients that we source from suppliers we trust. Choosing organic was important to us because organic means so much more than a lack of chemicals.

Certified organic ingredients come from a sustainable, ecologically friendly and socially responsible source. This ensures traceability which is so important to us. Knowing exactly how our ingredients are sourced and what manufacturing processes they go through is key when creating healthful, allergy-friendly products. In particular, we need to be absolutely sure there is no cross-contamination of allergens. 



Organic food is produced without any synthetic pesticides, fungicides or herbicides, and is free from GMO’s. It also cannot be fertilized with bio-fluids (sewage sludge), or processed with harmful chemicals. Eating organic food therefore means ingesting less harmful chemicals, which in turn means less work for your digestive system and liver. This allows your body to turn its attention to other important processes such as detoxification, healing, and immune function.

Organic farming builds healthy soil, encourages biodiversity, and supports water health by stopping polluted runoff into waterways. It also means farmers are exposed to less chemicals, and supports fairer working conditions and wages for growers. By choosing to make our products with organic ingredients, we’re choosing to contribute to a better future.



Organic ingredients


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