Choc Chip Cookie

Our signature vegan and allergy-friendly Chocolate Chip Cookies are crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside,...

Ginger Cookie

Our twist on the classic Anzac Biscuit. These cookies have just the right mix of sugar...

Chocolate Cake

We take our chocolate cake seriously. This baking mix makes a truly decadent, dark chocolate cake...

Scone Dough

Our classic Scone Dough recipe is everything a good scone should be. Soft and ever-so-slightly crumbly...

Seeded Crackers

Inspired by the Danish crackerbread (knaekbrod), our crunchy gluten-free Seeded Cracker recipe is made with wholesome,...

Savoury Baking Bundle

This baking bundle is for all the savoury food lovers! Enjoy our two savoury baking mixes: Seeded Cracker...

Sweet Baking Bundle

Enjoy our 3 sweet baking mixes in our Sweet Baking Bundle! Bundle includes a Chocolate Cake, Ginger Cookie and Choc Chip Cookie.


Full Monty Baking Bundle

Get all 5 of our baking mixes in our ultimate Full Monty Baking Bundle! This bundle includes a Chocolate Chip...

Fantastic Four Baking Bundle

Get our 4 most loved baking mixes in our special Fantastic Four Baking Bundle! Bundle includes a Seeded Cracker, Chocolate Cake,...

Baking Bundle Foursome

Get our 4 original baking mixes in our special Baking Bundle Foursome! Bundle includes a Chocolate Chip Cookie,...

Favourite Baking Bundle

Get our 4 favourite baking mixes in our special Favourites Baking Bundle! Bundle includes a Seeded Cracker, Scone Dough, Ginger Cookie and Choc...

organic plant-based

organic plant based

gluten free


dairy free


egg free


nut free


soy free


preservative free

Artificial flavour free

artificial flavour free

GMO free

gmo free

Natural prebiotic fibre

natural prebiotic fibre


sugar free