Wholesome Organic Ingredients

We believe it's what’s on the inside that counts. Our products are made in New Zealand from local (where possible) and imported organic ingredients, so that you can bake & share with confidence.


We use a range of naturally gluten-free flours to create the unique textures and flavours of our baking mixes. Most of these "flours" are simply ground up whole foods, meaning they've undergone little to no processing which is just how we like it.

organic almond flour *Almond Flour
organic coconut *Coconut Flour
organic green banana flour *Green Banana Flour
organic tapioca flour *Tapioca Flour
organic sunflower seeds *Sunflower Seed Flour
organic white rice flour *White Rice Flour

*Certified Organic


All the seeds we use in our baking mixes come from certified organic sources. Seeds are a great source of protein and dietary fibre, and provide delicious texture and flavour to our mixes.

organic flax seeds *Flax Seeds
organic hemp seeds *Hemp Seeds
organic pumpkin seeds *Pumpkin Seeds
organic sesame seeds *Sesame Seeds
organic sunflower seeds *Sunflower Seeds

*Certified Organic


We use whole foods or minimally processed ingredients to flavour our baking mixes - you definitely won't find any e-numbers here! These ingredients are naturally flavoursome and are what give our baking mixes their delicious taste.

organic coconut *Dried Coconut
organic raw cacao *Raw Cacao Powder
organic raw cacao Dark Chocolate
heilala vanilla Heilala Vanilla
organic ginger *Ground Ginger
NZ sea salt NZ Sea Salt

*Certified Organic


As hard as we tried, baking without sugar just doesn't create a good flavour or texture. So when creating our baking mixes, we looked for the most natural, least refined sugars we could find. We also made sure to use as little sugar as possible, so that our baking mixes are still much lower in sugar than other mixes out there.

organic coconut *Coconut Sugar
organic rapadura sugar *Rapadura Sugar

*Certified Organic


These ingredients create rise, lightness of texture, and hold baked goods together. In essence, these ingredients replace the role of eggs in vegan baking.

baking powder Baking Powder
organic psyllium husks *Psyllium Husks
organic guar gum *Guar Gum

*Certified Organic